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Form & Functionality: Shoulder Maintenance



This video includes a warm up a cool down. Just follow along for a full session!

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Join Kassia for a session focused on preparing your body for the high demands of pole dancing and aerial disciplines!

The aim of this workshop is to give you the tools to help reduce your risk of injury and to encourage your body to work in the optimal position. Meaning that you will be stronger in your discipline of choice.

This workshop will work on specific areas that have a high risk of injury or are simply neglected by many. For example: shoulder stability or back strength. This is beneficial for improving your shoulder mechanics; strength and flexibility.

Kassia will educate you on anatomy and give you the reasons WHY you are being given each exercise. You will not be left in the dark or feel unable to complete anything yourself.

Equipment Needed

  • Resistance bands – preferably both circular and long ones, but we can work with either if you only have one available. A few different strengths will also be great.
  • Yoga blocks – books will also work, try to get even sized ones! X2 raises needed.
  • A non stretchy band/bar – yoga strap, belt, broom stick or dressing gown tie will also work.
  • A foam roller – smooth is preferable but we can also work with bumpy ones


Live – 13th Nov 2020


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