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The Pole Dancing Therapist

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“The Pole Dancing Therapist membership is incredible, Kassia’s advice is clear and concise. So many exercises I can use in every day training sessions!” – Natacza Fox


2 options for Pay Per Class

Replay Classes – Full structured pole classes, follow timings of each class. Feel like you’re practicing with others.

Pause + PLAY – Structured sessions allowing you to create you own timings by taking Kasia’s lead to pause the video and then PLAY with what you’ve learned, for as long as you wish.

All classes include a warm up, drills, trick and/or combinations and a cool down.

Will the videos be right for me?

To help you decide which videos to choose, there are lesson notes outlining what’s covered in each class and you can check out a trailer too!

Why are these videos so great?

Kassia is known for her technical teaching style. This means you benefit from in-depth teaching points and structured sessions, to help make your training session easier and more effective.


Each class is £7 for non members and only £4 for members.


  • Cheaper than joining the live classes
  • Watch an unlimited amount of times at any time that suits you
  • Hear Kassia answer common questions and solve common faults in technique


Training Videos

Unlimited access to hundreds of videos to watch any time. Follow along or create your own workouts.

Tutorials available for warming up, strength and conditioning exercises, pole drills, pole tutorials, flexibility, cooling down and theoretical education to help you learn the best way to look after you.

Training Programmes

Kassia knows that sometimes you don’t want to think too hard. To make your life easier, she has lovingly put together training programmes that link directly to full tutorials and tell you the recommended sets and reps.
Save time and brain power!


£5 off on 1-1 online rehabilitation sessions with Kassia to help improve your technique or recover from injury.

Pay Per Class videos only £4 per class.


Access to our private Instagram and Facebook group where you can share you experiences and get support from Kassia and other members.

Support a Guest Instructor

Each guest instructor is also an affiliate of the membership site. This means that on your sign up, at no extra cost to you, £10 will go directly to them.
This is a great way to show extra appreciation of how awesome they are! Find out more.


  • Strength & conditioning tutorials
  • Flexibility tutorials
  • Pole drill tutorials
  • Pole dance routines
  • Warm up & cool down tutorials
  • Create your own workouts
  • Pre set training programmes
  • Favourite your videos to find them more easily
  • Theoretical education to help you learn more
  • Learn from guest instructors for well rounded information
  • £5 discount on 1-1 online rehabilitation sessions with Kassia
  • Easy to use filtration and search system
  • Only £4 for Pay Per Class videos

Monthly Membership

£10 per month and upgrade to an annual membership at any time.

Annual Membership

£100 for a full year membership, saving £20.

Our Mission

Through the educational content available to members you will be supported to think beyond a tricks-based approach to pole dance. Discover a deeper understanding of your body, health, and well being. A holistic approach to your strength and conditioning.

Does it sound fit to have damaged shoulders?

Does it sound fit to have muscle imbalances?

Does it sound fit to struggle with everyday tasks because of injuries?

This clinic is for those who are willing to say, ‘I won’t treat my body like a disposable tool’. It is for every pole dancer who still wants to train in 3 years, 10 years, or beyond.

Join The Pole Dancing Therapist membership to have access to the techniques and tools you need to be better – in your body, your training, and your pole dance.