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Affiliation Links


Each guest instructor is also an affiliate of the membership site. You can click on their picture below which will allow you to sign up, at the top of the web page, using their affiliation link. This means that on your sign up, at no extra cost to you, £10 will go directly to them.
This is a great way to show extra appreciation of how awesome they are!
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Jenny Jaiye
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“I fell in love with pole when I was at uni and it quickly became a form of therapy for me. It’s a blessing that I’m able to teach and I hope to continue to spread the joy that pole dancing brings for a long time.” 

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Rhiannon White
Check Rhi out on Instagram, back up Instagram, Twitter, YouTube
“I’m a super slow-mo, sex appeal spreader who has taught, competed and performed all over the world!”

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Check out Aish on Instagram
Hi I’m Aish, I teach Pilates and Pole Dancing in Bristol. I’d love to see you in class, please send me an email to come along to my online Pilates classes and/or Pole classes.”

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Check Ezmé out on Instagram Enquiries:
“I love guinea pigs, kpop, playing video games and trying all styles of pole and aerial dance”

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