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What should I do if I have questions?

Firstly, you are in the right place! But if your question isn’t answered here on the FAQ page then please email me directly on

If in doubt, hard reset!

Sometimes when I am doing updates on the website it might take a day or two to update on everyone’s browsers. If you notice any small discrepancies then a great thing to start with is a full reset on your desktop. Hold CTRL + ALT and then click the refresh button. But if there are ever any problem please get in touch with me and I will help you as quickly as I can.

How does the membership work?

Once you sign up as a member, by purchasing your membership, you will have access to all videos, programmes and theoretical education available. Here you can filter what videos you want to watch and save your favourites. This is meant as an invaluable add on to your current pole training.

How much is it to be a member?

£10 per month or an upfront cost of £100 for an annual membership. Find out more here or register here.

What is Pay Per Class?

This is essentially the pay as you go way to train with Kassia. Pay for individual structured pole dance classes. You can pay for one video at a time without a membership – although they are cheaper for members!

Kassia is known for her technical teaching style. This means you benefit from in-depth teaching points and structured sessions, to help make your training session easier and more effective. There are 2 types of recorded sessions available:

Replay Classes – Full structured pole classes, follow timings of each class. Feel like you’re practicing with others.

Pause + PLAY – Structured sessions allowing you to create you own timings by taking Kassia’s lead to pause the video and then PLAY with what you’ve learned, for as long as you wish.

All classes include a warm up, drills, trick and/or combinations and a cool down.


Each class is £7 for non members and only £4 for Silver members and FREE to Gold members.


Cheaper than joining the live classes.

Watch an unlimited amount of times at any time that suits you, the videos do not expire.

Hear Kassia answer common questions and solve common faults in technique in the replay classes.

How often is new content released?

Every month there will be new content and you will be notified when there are new videos available. We also take requests, so if you have anything you’d like to learn then let us know!

I don't know where to start with the exercises, what's the best way?

When you gain access to The Pole Dancing Therapist membership, you can access theoretical education which explains how to ‘dose’ your exercises, this means how to figure out your sets and repetitions. If you are a member already, you can access the theory here.

The pole exercises are leveled from beginner to elite level, this should help you work up and build on your skills.

Do I need to have a pole at home to take part?

For some of the exercises it is necessary to have access to a pole, either at home or at a studio. But there are loads of videos that you can follow that do not require a pole.

I've never done pole before, is the membership for me?

It is recommended that you use The Pole Dancing Therapist membership alongside learning pole dance, although a lot of the content can be done without any pole dance experience, it has been made to help you become an even better pole dancer and as an educational resource for pole dancers. If you need help finding a beginners class then do not hesitate to get in touch!

I'm an aerialist, is the membership for me?

The Pole Dancing therapist membership has been made predominantly for pole dancers. If you are an aerialists who wants to broaden your skills, then you will find that a lot of the content is relevant to you too.

I have forgotten my password, help!

Go to the login page:

There is a prompt ‘lost my  password?’ click this and follow the instructions to reset your password.

If you have any problems email

How do I edit my memberships details and password?

When logged in, go to ‘my account’ on the members menu

You will need to be logged in to make changes.

How to I access my Pay Per Class videos?

Once you have purchased a Pay Per Class video, you will need to login to access your purchases. You will find them via the shop page.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at anytime, you will retain access until your current membership runs out. Visit ‘my account’ to cancel your membership.

Do you offer face to face tuition?

Yes, you can find me at Spin City Bristol in the UK. I offer both group classes and 121 or small group privates.

Is there an app?

Not yet! Currently you will need to use a web browser to access the video content but I can assure you it works very well on a mobile view.

Where can I buy a pole?

There are many places to buy a pole. The most popular place in the UK is Xpole or you can also go to Lupit pole. These are the highest quality poles, please do not buy a non brand pole from the internet as they can be untested and dangerous to train on.

I'm pregnant, can I join in?

This is a question that needs to be discussed with your GP.

Advice is usually that you can continue doing what you were doing before you got pregnant. Just listen to your limits, some people get dizzy more easily or loose some co ordination so its important to take things easy to remain safe.

I do not recommend starting new activities when you are pregnant. There is a great book for pregnant pole dancers and aerialists Flying Through Pregnancy which you can purchase here.

I've just had a baby, can I join in?

This is a question that needs to be discussed with your GP.

There is a great book for postnatal pole dancers and aerialists Flying Through Pregnancy which you can purchase here.