The Works Programme

I go to Kassia for pole classes and massage. She gives the best sports massages and is truly a great pole teacher both in group classes and one to ones – I have learnt some great tricks that I’ve previously struggled with, and have really noticed an improvement in my ability since joining her classes.
I really recommend going to Kassia for both pole and massage.

Sarah Hoy

‘The Works’ is a 2.5-hour session that is all about YOU and improving your pole dancing skills, preventing injury and encouraging a relaxed training environment.

  1. A one to one pole class tailored your needs.
  2. A cool down with pole specific stretches to help prevent injuries.
  3. A sports treatment, including deep tissue massage and/or medical acupuncture.

Overall, Kassia wants to help you become a better pole dancer!

Online Consultation

Kassia will send you a short form to fill out which enables you to provide information on your goals and problematic areas that may be concentrated on during the sports treatment. This means that Kassia will be able to start the planning for your session beforehand to give you the best possible session.

Face to Face Consultation

To discuss the plan for the session and make sure you are happy with what you will be concentrating on.

Pole Session

This 1 hour session is designed completely for you, with your goals in mind, be it choreography, flow, strength or flexibility tricks. Kassia will be with you 100% to spot, correct technique and direct you through movements. She has several years of experience coaching pole dancers of all levels, so The Works is suitable for all, from first time pole dancers to competitive or elite.

Cool Down

Kassia will be using her knowledge gained from years of experience and diplomas to conduct a cool down and stretch that has the intention to prevent injury. Targeting the areas that most commonly get injured through pole and the areas worked on within your session.

Cross Over

Time to prepare yourself for the massage. Wash hands or we have showers available, change of clothes, drink some water… whatever you need to do!

Massage Treatment

Although you have the final decision on what is worked on within this session, Kassia will be using knowledge from her qualifications and your consultations to create the best treatment for you.

Using a mix of techniques, Kassia aims to educate you on your anatomy and give you the best treatment for your personal needs. This treatment will include a postural assessment and will help reduce muscular tension and decrease that ‘after training feeling’ which can include immobilisation and achiness.

You will also be given some rehabilitation exercises, to incorporate into your fitness routine, enhance your body awareness and encourage injury free training.

The benefit of having a massage right after a training session is to access your parasympathetic nervous system, also known as the ‘rest and digest’ system. By accessing this system, your body will be put in the optimum state for muscular recovery. This means there will be less chance of injury and more training for you in the long term.

All your training needs fulfilled in 2.5 hours. This session is all about YOU.