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What should I expect?

I understand that you want to feel as safe as possible whilst I am treating you, so I have put the following precautions in place.

1. I am now required to wear a face shield, gloves, and apron. This is for your safety until such time as the government deems it appropriate to go back to normal working practices.

2. I ask that you arrive no more than 5 minutes before your appointment as I have scheduled gaps between every appointment to allow time to sanitise the treatment area. I will open the door when you are able to enter the studio.

3. I ask that you alcohol gel your hands when entering the studio and adhere to the 1m distancing rule if there is anyone else wandering around the studio when you arrive.

4. Please be aware that on arrival I will take your temperature. This will be with an infra-red temperature gun which will not be required to come into contact with your skin.

5. On your confirmation email there will be a link to a “Covid-19 Consent Form”. Please fill this in no more than 24 hours before attending your appointment so that I can ensure that I am able to treat you before you arrive.

6. You will be required to pay via bank transfer before your appointment, payment details will be on your confirmation email.

I would like to reassure you that I have taken every measure to ensure a safe and sanitary clinic and I am looking forward to welcoming all clients, new and existing, into the clinic!