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So, the video entries for BPC have recently closed and I know loads of people will be pissed that I didn’t write this BEFORE they sent their video entries so, firstly, I am sorry! But hopefully this will be helpful for next years entries or for other competitions. These tips have absolutely nothing to do with you as a pole dancer and are purely steps you can take to make your videos the best they can be, so that your skills are amplified to the best possible level. All pictures in this blog show what NOT to do… They are all pictures of me so no one can be offended!

Have a good quality camera

This doesn’t have to be a full high tech set up! Although, awesome if you have access to

Example of a blurry screen!
Blurry Screen… A no go!

Example of a blurry screen!

that. A good quality smart phone or laptop is usually absolutely fine for this or, better yet, borrow your friends camera. Whatever you use… TEST it first. Don’t put all your effort in to the video then check it and realise it’s too blurry to use.

By having a clear picture we can see your facial expressions, toe point and leg extension properly. I use my Ultrabook Latitude laptop and this works perfectly for video auditions. Unfortunately, if you have a blurry picture, you will be marked down. I am sorry if you disagree with this but, how can you be judged on can’t be seen?

Have a still camera

Gentle panning is fine but anything more is just distracting and, to be brutally honest, annoying! Probably not a good idea to distract and irritate the person who is in control of how well you score.

Don’t let people walk through your video…

Who does this anyway?! Well, people definitely do. Have a clear studio and put up a sign or two so people know not to walk right through your best run through. This not only distracts you performing but the judge may miss something that you have done and they’re not going to watch your video over and over again. Generally, you will have the one shot just like you do at the final. Imagine if someone walked across the stage whilst you were performing? I would complain sooooo bad!

Have a tidy background

Again, distractions are things you can and should minimise as much as possible. Is there a

Messy Background

unicorn hula hooping in the background? Or loads of mess that distorts your movements against the background? Guess where the judges eyes will be drawn… Clear the background or at the very least have it tidy. Unless there really is a unicorn, then use that badboy as a prop.

Don’t film from 5 miles away

Or from 1cm away. Pretty self-explanatory! We want to see you clearly with all your limbs in

Unclear view

tact. Again, you can’t be judged on what can’t be seen. This is especially important if you are using a past stage performance as your video audition. On this note, film in landscape to get a full screen and the best visibility.

Don’t dub your music over the top

There is no way it’ll look as good if you do this. Musicality is usually a HUGE part of pole competition criteria and sometimes things just look a teeny bit ‘out’ when dubbing music over the top. Don’t risk it!

Have LOUD music

We want to hear what you’re dancing too. How can it be properly judged when we can’t hear the music you’re trying to connect with? So, have high volume, which is super motivating anyway! Or if you are unable to do that, then have your camera by the speaker, not so close that it sounds crackly and shit, but enough to get a clear volume through the camera.

Here is an example of what NOT to do: and I don’t mean the terrible routine… haha. You can’t see my face and the background and the noises are SUPER distracting.

Here is a good example of a clean video audition: The fabulous Patricia the Tease! No distractions and very good visability. P.s how amazing is she?!

I know some people are going to think this is unfair and you shouldn’t be judged on some of these points. But really this advice is less about being judged on your filming abilities and more about being able to clearly judge you as a pole dancer.

So there we have it, how to get the most out of your video auditions. Happy filming!

Patricia the Tease – @patriciathetease